Unanimous support from Hobart City Council

Media release – City of Hobart, 29 August 2022

Alderman Jeff Briscoe tabled a motion:

That Hobart City Council support the Interrupt Project (incorporating a raft constructed totally of collected plastic waste that will voyage from Hobart to Sydney this year) by:

  • Providing access to relevant plastic recycling material from our waste centre to obtain plastics as required free of charge to complete the vessel.
  • Providing safety equipment to the project such as life jackets, electronic tracking devices or relevant other safety equipment for the voyage, as required, and to the value determined under the discretion of the CEO.
  • Enable a real-time link to the voyage on the City of Hobart website.
  • Other in kind and publicity support as determined by the CEO.

The financial implications of the motion will see a request for up to $15,000 funded through the Urban Sustainability Grant program 2022 or, if unable to be actioned through an Urban Sustainability Grant, a request of up to a maximum of $10,000 from the City’s waste and recycling – circular economy budget function.

The motion was unanimously approved by Council.

See full meetings notes

Photo courtesy tasmaniantimes.com

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