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Project Interrupt has been featured on a number of platforms since Samuel’s journey began, including ABC’s Luke Bowden and two separate documentary teams shooting a series and a feature documentary.

Feature in Inspire Magazine

Samuel was on the cover of the September issue and talked about his quest to save our oceans. 

Read the full story here.




ABC News Footage – Raft Launch

Luke Bowden from the ABC came down to film the raft being lifted into the water by helicopter – what an incredible day!

Check out the ABC News footage!

Guess the raft weight – competition

The person who has the closest correct guess wins some great prizes!

At this stage nobody knows what the real weight is. We’ll all find out on Sunday 02 July when the helicopter comes to pick up the raft and it has a device to measure the weight.

The first lift from the helicopter is a test lift – to see if it can actually lift it. This is an exciting and nervous moment for us because we’re not exactly sure of the weight!

If it’s less than 1.2 tonne then we are all good to go. If it’s more – what are we going to do about how to move the raft to the ocean?

UPDATE – We have a winner!  

Congratulations to Lara Longmore for guessing the closest amount!  

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