The beautiful people that think beyond themselves and their lifetime

Team - Project Interrupt

Samuel McLennan – Founder

Samuel is a leadership and mindset specialist who loves to empower and inspire people while practicing what he preaches. He draws upon broad global experience from many industries: maritime, aquaculture, education, IT & AI, entrepreneurship, communication, construction, military, social services and health to overcome the challenges and evolve this project. 

He also loves surfing, yoga, the great outdoors, nature, travelling, arts and culture and creating great relationships with people. 

David Hildred

David Hildred – Advisor

Dave is a retired civil and building engineer with global sailing experience who has previously helped design, build, and sail a raft across the Atlantic – Antiki. 

As a keen lover of the ocean, nature and adventure he is happy to get involved in another similar project – especially as it highlights the issue of plastic in our oceans. 

John Smallwood

John Smallwood – Coach

John Smallwood is passionate about people. He has spent the last 30 years understanding human performance, and what it is that impacts the results we produce, and ultimately, our experience of life.

His commitment to empowering individuals, groups, communities and organisations has lead John to become a highly effective Thrive master coach, with acknowledged mastery across multiple methodologies.

Cynthia Cooper

Cynthia Cooper – Fundraising & Events

Cynthia is a small business owner who has many diverse skills including photography, design, writing, training and coaching in the equine arena. 
She has worked in events management with the Young Achiever Awards, run a school fundraising program, published a magazine and coordinated many courses for horsemanship instructors.
Cynthia lives on the Tasman Peninsula and values nature as the true connection to ourselves.
Jordan Edmeades

Jordan Edmeades – Cinematographer

Jord is an experienced writer, producer and documentary shooter with television broadcast credits with the likes of ABC, SBS, Discovery Channel and the BBC.

He also has a background with theatre, events and performance and is passionate about supporting environmental, indigenous and other charitable causes.

Takira Simon Brown

Takira Simon Brown – Designer and Aboriginal Advisor

Takira comes from a strong line of Aboriginal makers that have pieces featured in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Her art practice includes music, film and performance, painting and printmaking.  

She is a Niyanta of Chief Mannalargenna of the Plangermairreenner Nation and a luna of Paredareme Country where the Moomairemenner community once resided. 

Marciel Audesho

Marciel Audesho – Community & Events 

Marciel Audesho is known for her ability to engage, inspire and influence people. She has more than 13 years of experience helping some of Australia’s most renowned businesses achieve continuous and deliberate improvement in the customer experiences they deliver.

She has a passion for people and business and a drive to cause empowerment in individuals to engage and create positive change.

Julian Jolly Day

Julian Day – Advisor

Experienced President and Program Manager/Senior Project Manager with over 30 years of technical and business experience delivering over 200 different projects during his career. He is a passionate executive who cares about people, the experience and making a difference.

Francois Genest

Francois Genest – Advisor

A keynote speaker, Francois has an international career leading business transformation for global organisations as a senior executive and can relate to people’s challenges in the battle of life.

He is passionate about world peace by yoga and comes with a devotion to help anyone who aspires to a better freedom of mind using the Yogic sciences to initiate or pursue personal transformation.

mick earle

Mick Earle – Events

Mick is a passionate practical individual that loves to bring community together to create rich connections. 

Apart from working globally in remote areas as a carpenter, he facilitates mens groups, youth work, outdoor recreation and presents a weekly radio show on a local community station.